Payment setup in Terreport

I am struggling to figure out how to set up payments in Terreport. I have successfully linked my business checking account to Stripe. But linking Stripe to Terreport has been quite the challenge. I need to find the elusive Stripe Publishable Key & Stripe Secret Key.

I have reached out to Stripe for help. They only confirm that those items are needed and refer me to InterNACHI and Terreport. So, i’m stuck for now.

Any ideas? Has anyone completed this process successfully?


Have you been successful creating and generating a Report yet?

Care to share it with us here?

Hi Jeffrey,

I am a complete newbie. I have taken one of my mock inspections and I am in the process of recreating it in Terreport. I would think even a mock inspection could be of use for anyone interested in what the final product looks like. The platform also generates a payment request that the client receives. And if i am not mistaken, the inspector has the ability to choose when the payment is to be made - as a part of signing the inspection agreement or at the time of publication of the report.


With that in mind, I would not even consider setting up anything beyond creating a report until you have done just that. Remember, these companies that offer FREE software ALWAYS have ulterior motives to get information which is extremely valuable to them! DO NOT give them anything they don’t need until you have generated a few reports and you are completely satisfied with the product you will be SELLING to your clients. That report will be a reflection of you and your company. Make sure it is an honest representation as your reputation will depend on it!

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BTW… how did you hear about them, and what research have you done into them?
In this industry, you need to research EVERY vendor that contacts you about a product, that also includes any vendors that you contact. Trust no one! EVERYBODY is out to separate you from your money!

i actually heard about them via InterNACHI.

HERE: Terreport now free for all InterNACHI members

I FINALLY found the info i needed. I was able to send a test invoice to an alternate email of mine. At the bottom of the invoice was the how to pay info (credit card entry).

Also, i have attached this partial mock inspection just so that you can have a look at a report generated by this platform. Maybe you could could give me some. feedback as to what is good vs bad about it and your opinion of it. API keys | Stripe Documentation

Thanks for your valuable input.


oops, here is the link to the report: