PDA Inspection Software for Pocket PC

PDA Inspection Report Creator:
Check out the new PDA inspection report software at www.inspectionreportsoftware.com. Looking for comments, feedback, suggestions, etc.

This software is affordably priced and NACHI members receive a 15% discount! Call 800 983 6322 for details.

The links on your website for sample reports do not work.

Sample report links still not working and why the difference in price of $1.00? . . . makes me want to run out and buy the HP iPAQ Pocket PC, what’s the difference?

The sample report links are all working now. You can try refreshing if they’re coming up blank.

The prices for the software and hardware products are listed below (pre-NACHI discount)

IRC Desktop Software: $799.00 (includes PDA-IRC software Free)
PDA-IRC Pocket PC Software: $399.00 (software only)
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PDA: $400.00 (hardware only)