Peerless Boiler Jctw100wpct Age?

I cannot find much info about this… it looks worse than it is… but a lot of work has been done to this unit… I cannot find age/info on it… can anyone help?

could be JOTW100WPCT ???



CPI_Nadeau_Lisbon Falls 129.jpg

Any serial # ???
Prior to 1984 there was no date code included as part of the serial #. After '84 there was a 4 digit date code following the # (month/year). In 2000 they used a 6 digit code following the # (year/month).

Boiler no. JOTW100WPCT
S/N. JOTW-16098-0206


That’s odd - are you sure that the “0” wasn’t an “8”?

-0286??? could be… a little smudged… I am going to try to email a photo of the tag… you can zoom up… the rest looks like zeros

That would be my thought…