Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture approves InterNACHI's FREE online WDO course.

Wow…getting something to pass in PA! Now there is an accomplishment that most people won’t really appriciate unless you have lived here.

Congrats Nick!

Dept of Ag in PA is the hardest to get approval. Thanks for getting us the application links Scott.

Now is this only for the recertification?

Nachi doesn’t have a course for the initial wdi certification in PA yet right? If I am correct you still have to take the course at Penn State to get certified.

The course is only for recertification credits. There are no required courses for Core or Catagory 12 certification in PA. All you need is the study material available from PSU and to take the test. After that, you have to maintain a certain amount of CE credits every 2 years.

Thank you sir…good information to know.