Performing a Home Inspection & Writing an Inspection Report with Ben Gromicko

Great video Ben.

@bgromicko1 This was the most informative home inspection video I have watched yet. I absolutely loved this, especially including the Spectora report writing. You should 100% do these videos but for each system/component of the house with the same Spectora add on. That would be extremely beneficial to new inspectors and Spector a users.
Thank you for doing these videos!

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Thank you, Jacob, for the feedback. I agree with you. We’ll be producing more videos for each system and component in the near future. I’ve shared my report template with the Spectora community, if you’re interested.

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Thank you, Roy.

I am absolutely interested! How do I go about acquiring your template?

I’m in the process to switching to Spectora.
Definitely I would like to check your Spectora temples.
Where I can find the link.
Thanks - Andrew.

I believe you log into Spectora’s template center at

Log into the Spectora template center at And for some additional information visit

Than You Ben.

No problem Brother!

Thank you indeed, I wish to inquire… is this a live, complete, template used to perform paid-for inspections by someone or just a mock-up ?