"Personal Financial Success for Home Inspectors" Webinar with Nick Gromicko

"Personal Financial Success for Home Inspectors" Webinar with Nick Gromicko

Monday, Aug 8, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CDT


Join InterNACHI Founder, Nick Gromicko for tips on business success for home inspectors!


Very useful info. Good stuff.

I am going to try to login at the restaurant. I will bring my Surface Pro 6. I have to eat something. Been working all day.

Good show last night, Nick. Hope new members got something other than entertainment.

I was disappointed with the material and polish.
I was hoping your brother Ben would have been be onboard. Next time.

You covered many of the same topics in the same way over the years. Gets dry for us older members that want to know lets say how to increase revenue and put away retirement money from our business. As you put it, after 15 years most inspectors have nothing to show for there hard work and risk.
Too bad - so sad a statement, but true…

The substance was overall lacking real attention getting subjects. " Members hearing there names and questions live." Don’t get me wrong Nick, it was educational. Typically though, you are more polished.
Someone reading the members names and questions to you would be smoother. Just my opinion…

I know when I am inspecting and someone asks me a question not relevant to what I am inspecting disturbs the investigative flow I am on slowing me down. Much the same as you looking at the laptop for members names and questions. It disturbs the flow you are on.

Comparing home inspections as a commodity was brilliant. Inching up home inspection fees is critical. I was hoping for an overall InterNACHI- Branded strategy. I am confident you will build one for the members as well as confident you will offer Made At InterNACHI services or commodities for members to invest in. A profit sharing idea.

Looking forward to the next Webinar.
Thanks, Nick.
Robert Young