Pet Door cut into Garage door

Never seen this before…I am going to write it up as an opportunity for wildlife…even though it is sealed. But other than that, is there a problem…?

I don’t see it as a problem…I’m shocked the garage interior door didn’t have a matching pet door…they must have been cruel folks to keep the little fellar in the garage in Colorado’s winters eh?

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Pet door installed in the metal garage door.

That is all I would write on it personally

You sure it’s a pet door and not an opening for an automobile exhaust hose?

My Dad has the same thing in his garage door so he can work on his vehicles with the door closed.

After much consideration I now write up all pet doors with a recommendation to repair opening to original condition. I also mention that there are pets occupying the home when I see pet doors.

Why would you recommend a repair?
We have a small pet door into our laundry room through a raised panel hollow core interior door. No effect on the doors intended operation…

I would photo and mention, without any accompanying recommendation. :cool:

You ought to see the one in my garage - big enough for my Lab to comee in out of the rain.

The one we had for the cats to come into the house was permanently sealed the night our hunter cat brought a live Rabbit home and onto our bed at 2:00am to show us. That thing squealed and scared the Bejeezus out of my wife. Me? Soiled the sheets!


I recommend repair because pet doors are an after the fact addition to the existing house, many times not installed correctly. Most people just ignore my reccomendation. I do not like getting calls here in AZ after it rains with complaints of water coming in.:slight_smile:

If they are medium to large pet doors I do not like getting calls about kids/burglars coming in.:slight_smile:

I also do not like calls about critters coming in.:twisted:

Last picture my house, my critter, in my pet door.:frowning:

I guess my particular question pertains to an inside door (I just note it and move on), not that I would automatically recommend repair for a door to the home’s outside.

I guess I just think noting it (unless it’s obviously installed in an un workmanlike manner :slight_smile: ) and moving on… is the easy way, till it bites me in the a$$…

opinions, like ideas… may vary :smiley:

Anyone need a nice coon skin hat?:wink:

Installation of a pet door in the garage door to the living area compromises the door integrity and voids any fire rating even if a fire rating plate is present.
Wildlife has been known to enter buildings through pet doors.
**Recommend obtaining quotes before close of escrow for replacing door with an approved fire door assembly. **

I got that from that guy in Sandy Yeggo…

I concur completely in this instance…

Is that near Loma Lynda?..:slight_smile:

This is the garage door garage door…the one that lets the car into the garage…not the living area…not the occupant door…

Still apply for fire rating ? I don’t think it does … the wildlife quote does…and it will be a problem where this home is located…BFE…

Oh----garage door garage door. Well, that’s different–nevermind.

got a call from a lady one time to come look at the pet door her husband installed, said it wouldn’t stay shut, it was installed upside down. when I got there the husband was in his office on his computer and never did come out, looked like a real comp geek though. Had to chuckle to myself, after i left of course.

I don’t recommend a repair per sé, but those who don’t have pets find the pet door aesthetics to be, well, ugly. So they want a nice-looking door, and replacing the door or repairing it can creep up on the expensive side. Since I don’t know if my Clients have pets, I always mention pet doors and tell them that pet doors can be expensive to repair or to replace the door. I have had a few Clients request new doors or having the stucco wall repaired.

I have also seen them as mail slots for people who get lots of mail or many small packages, like CD orders from

They were also used widely for the milk man, but with a slide handle so animals could not get in.