PIC of my fire mitigation crew.

So much fun.

And as night falls, a PIC of the Milky Way.


Why are you wearing a coat ??? for crying out loud its July!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

He’s in the mountains of Colorado.
Not every place is hot. There’s only one place hotter than H e ll and that’s Oklahoma. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Bull **** I have been at 10,000 feet in Co in July and ran around naked:roll::wink:

Oh please. No taking back that picture. :roll:

Oh my, how I really didn’t want that picture in my head, agggghhh :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Charley writes:

I warned you the weed in Colorado was good.

Here is a PIC of my son and me on our first tractor. Yes, we lived in a home that had tar paper for siding until I could afford to side it.


The rewards of building something from the ground up is indeed an enriching experience.
As builders we experience this every time we close up a job. As fathers our jobs are never so complete. We move from being dictators to managers and then to observers and protectors.
Our ranchero in the Sierras requires the same continuous effort. I wouldn’t trade it for anything on earth… Peace

The vegetation looks nice and green but it never hurts to be prepared.

Nice pic of the galaxy. I wish I could see half that many stars from my area.