Please join me in welcoming...

and congratulating the newest Awards Committee Chairman for years 2011-2012.

Congratulations Brian Kelly!!! :slight_smile:

I wish you much success for the next years.

Thanks Brian I am sure you will do a great job and keep us all going in the correct Direction . Thanks to all Committee members its been a blast Lets keep it Going strong… Roy

Here we go…
No schraplicating please.

Congratulations Brian.

Good choice. Congrats BK.

Congrats Brian!

We’re right there with ya Brian…

Congrats Brian.

Congrats Brian.

Thank You everyone.
Pretty big shoes to fill, there have been some really good Chairman before me.

I would like to thank Bill for the tremendous job he has done the last two years, and all the current members that volunteer on the committee.

Congratulations Brian, and hope that some new Members will be interested in sharing our task in managing the Awards Committee.
We do have one Member awaiting to join us the first of the New Year.

Good luck in your next 2 years. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Brian.

Congratulations Brian.

Crap, there goes any chance I had. :wink:

Brian Who ???

very nice