Please join me in wishing WI member Michael Larson happy birthday. Member for 8 years

Happy birthday Michael.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Mike.

Just a little cut and paste greeting… :wink:

Happy Birthday Mike!!

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Mike.
Thanks for all your outstanding advise and guidance over the years.

Happy Birthday Micheal
Have a good one
BTW i got you same thing as did last year lolol

Happy birthday, Mike.

Happy Birthday Michael! Have a great day.

HB mike … Now take your Aleve and get at it!! Lol

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday, Mike!

I hope you feel like a superstar! Happy Birthday Mike, because this day belongs to you!

Happy Birthday, Mikey!

Thanks for your sometimes profound, thought provoking posts, wisdom, knowledge sharing, and witty use of occasional sarcasm!

Hi Mikey!:smiley:

I want to sincerely wish you a very, very happy birthday:p

I enjoyed meeting you in Colorado {in 2007} and I hope that you are able to not only enjoy this birthday but others for many years to come:D

Keep up the good work!:nachi::nachi::nachi:

{PS: It is good to know that both you and I share a birthday with a very brilliant person and that is….Albert Einstein… I don’t know who is smarter;-)}

Thanks Frank and happy BD to you as well.

I don’t know either :wink:

Happy Birthday Michael! I have enjoyed reading many of your posts!

Happy Birthday Mike.

Have a great day…:smiley:

Cruz/Palin - 2016

That not only covers your birthday but Christmas too. :wink:

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Happy Birthday Mike