Please proof-read and critique a new article

I usually try to write an article, every month or so, for my web site. I have just completed one dealing with a local problem, water intrusion into newer masonry buildings.

Please take a look and post any corrections or suggestions.

Thanks, in advance.


Many builder’s don’t know this or were misinformed by their suppliers and told that the block

believe is should be builders’ not builder’s

We have a great deal of experience evaluating these type of problems

believe is should be types not type

Hope this helps.

Thanks. Corrected.

I don’t see how it shows possession. Isn’t it just plural?

Larry is right, there is no apostrophe called for since it doesn’t show possession.

In the sentence…when water* that* has been absorbed - you should eliminate the word that, so the phrase goes better with the word “and” later. This makes the sentence less clumsy (read it aloud and you’ll see what I mean.)

further down, when you say the regions expert, you are showing possession; ie, it is the expert of the region, so it should read region’s expert.

“Our company has become this regions expert on water intrusion problems, unfortunately, because these problems are becoming more common.”

Our company has become this regions expert on water intrusion problems because these problems are becoming , unfortunately, more common.