Please proof this new article on polybutylene.

PEX (pictured at right) – Common in radiant-heating systems, this cross-linked polyethylene can be black, blue or red. It is more easily coiled and more flexible than PB. It can withstand higher temperatures than polyethylene.
Should that be Polybutylene


Is there any more info available pertaining to the statement about higher insurance premiums or denied coverage?


Unfortunately, I can’t find much information on this subject. It seems that insurers might raise your rates or not cover you in the first place if you have PB, but they will cover damage caused by leaking PB? Can anyone confirm this?

I just found the info below on the website

Myth 10: My insurance will cover the resulting damages if the pipes leak: Absolutely–this is not a myth. Water damage of all sorts is typically covered by most policies, and in certain circumstances the class actions may even assist you. But the problem is that your insurer may decide to increase your premium after a claim (or multiple claims), or worse yet, they may not renew your policy. This can happen with any casualty (such as fire or wind damage), but there is no reason to set yourself up for this type of problem when you can avoid it in the first place.