Plumbing Device unknown

Can anybody explain the purpose of this apparent valve control under the master bathroom vanity sink?

it regulates max water temp at the sink where installed - google it!

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Not necessarily. Many times it is installed under the bathroom vanity for a shower.

Here it is:

or tub.

It’s an ASSE 1070 compliant temperature limiting device which is now required (as of IRC2012) for a two handled tub faucet. Single handle faucets have inherent anti-scald capability so the external device is only required for two handled tub faucets.

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I know this is an old post, but in Ontario, these are referred to as point-of-use thermostatic mixing valves. They regulate the water temperature for one or two fixtures only. They are most often used when a whole-house mixing valve is not desired (usually for sanitation (laundry and dishwashing) requirements.

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