Plumbing inspection - clear tubing

What type of clear flexible tubing that is used for hot & cold potable water? Thank you!

I found the answer through google…thank you!

And you’re not going to share it with us?

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Christopher, it was PEX. I mainly see blue & red PEX and had not seen clear PEX tubing in previous inspections.

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Christopher, it was PEX. I mainly see blue & red PEX and had not seen clear PEX tubing in previous inspections.

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There is no clear PEX pipe for domestic water. Can you post a picture with the required labeling printed on the pipe?

I have seen some I would consider translucent. Maybe it is wrong, I do not know. Are you familiar with this?

There’s is translucent PEX pipe.The pipe is used for radiant heat. I’m interested to see this new clear PEX pipe.

Do you think the translucent pipe is ok for potable water distribution?

The only way of knowing if it’s suitable for potable water is by looking at the information printed on the pipe.

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Thank you Martin…that is what I did!

You’re welcome what did it say?

there is clear Pex-A does it have clear expansion rings over fittings.
pex-A = expansion ring
pex_b = compression rings

Good to know William…Thank you!

I google the print on the tubing and this is what google had to offer:


3/4" Non-Barrier PEX Plumbing Tubing - PexUniverse › 3-4-pex-plumbing-tubing
](3/4" Non-Barrier PEX Plumbing Tubing - PexUniverse)

Manufactured to ASTM F876 / F877 / F2023 and SDR9 standards. Pressure rated 79psi at 200F, 100psi at 180F and 160psi at 73F. 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes the translucent PEX has been around forever. You were referring to clear PEX tubing. Translucent and clear not quite the same but OK move on🙂. Here I thought there was going to be some new PEX tubing on the market I haven’t seen.

These are the PEX-A fittings I keep on my truck. Is these the “clear PEX” you are referring too?

My apologies to all, this is what I saw and it was translucent and not clear…thank you everybody!

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Got it John. The reason why I was asking is because I have seen clear PVC and clear vinyl tubing used for water distribution and drains. This is an unapproved material. This is why I was asking for information that was written on the pipe such as ASTM.

Yep that’s Pex-A expansion rings. They also have red and blue rings, but hard to find. Best PEX on the market. Its very flexible and you can fix a kink by heating it with a heat gun.
I used it all the time when I used to install tile showers. Bends around tight corners when I stalling a shower valve on one wall and the shower head on the opposite wall. I did that all the time so you don’t have to get sprayed with cold water turning in a shower.
I also installed shower valves outside a shower on a pony wall or just outside the glass enclosure.

I like Pex-A as you can not fit the pipe together without expanding it. You never forget to crimp a fitting. Did that a time or 2 doing a re-pipe in a crawlspace.
Then switched everything to Pex-A .
I have the DeWalt 20volt expander tool. Works great.