:slight_smile: this guy has a sumpump in hes back yard, draining the water into the house draing, is this legal or right to do? i guess he gets a lot of water in his back yard.

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I’m pretty sure it ISN’T the right thing to do…I’m not a codey…they will be along shortly…the codeys go nite nite early…

I don’t think you can pump groundwater into a muni drain line…99.9% sure in fact…

Negative…rain water into a municipal sanitary sewage system…-X

When I was a contractor in Scottsdale, the pool guys backwashed into the sewer cleanouts…still doing that?

The city dosen’t want to pay for treating waste water they don’t have to…

And the HOA’s bitch when it’s running down the curb…catch 22…](*,)

It’s not so much that the city is having to pay to treat this water, its more due to this clear water being a major contributor to the sanitary backups during any heavy rainstorms. We’ve had many rainstorms in the Boston area where the basements become flooded with sewage due to city storm drains backing up. What a mess!!!

Each neighborhood is designed to handle the sanitary needs for the number of people in that area. Adding any clear water to the city system reduces all the design capabilities of that system. If everyone sends their clear water through the waste pipes, this water must now be processed with the same methods used to clean our Waste Water.

The quality of waste water is strictly regulated and controlled by the EPA and State Laboratories as it is put back into the river. It does not make sense to add clear sump pump water into the sanitary system where it must be treated. Clear water must be directed to the nearest storm drain so it can go directly to the River without being processed.

I go over this with all my clients, when I find this sort of set-up.

In Arizona clear water running down a curb to a storm drain makes headline news…where ever it may come from, generally not the sky. Good luck finding a basement to flood…there are only a handful in Phoenix.

Water running down a curb, brings children out to play, news cameras set up, meteorologists wondering if they missed something since it has not rained here for over three months, etc.

The city just regrets paying to treat clear water here…no other reasons…:smiley:


Dave…are they treating any Storm Water up there in Ma…this week?..:smiley:

Correct a mundo Dale. It is odd though that my sewage bill is based on the water that enters through the meter, which includes irrigation and the pool. You think the city would figure that out.

People near me, so I am told, have back flow pipes into the desert.:wink:
Coyotes get thirsty eating all those pet cats :twisted:


Brian…during my “other” life…I have installed many a meter to separate the irrigation from the “potable” water…saving my clients much money…If I remember correctly though, only PV, at that point in time, would allow it. Something to consider…eh?

And Victor…get used to this thread drift, most of us have a very short attention span…

The whole system is supposed to work the other way around. There is something inherintly wrong with putting water back into the weepers around a house. The man must be dislexic.

Here’s a nice diagram…

Here’s what I was referring to*…“See last paragraph”*

Tony your totaly off your nut dude…hay did you catch the game?

Ok David, so Boston has some antiquated sewage treatment systems, this is a surprise?:wink: