Pointers for locating a slab leak?

I’m suspecting a leak under the slab of my home. It was pretty easy to locate the hot water lines. But I think it might be a cold line. Any tips that might be helpful in locating the source with my Flir camera? I think it’s under the wood flooring. Does that present a problem? Thanks

yes it can
what is water temp & interior floor temp
dissipated td from the insulating concrete, substrate & flooring often can interfere as well as surface reflection depending on finish

i learned on site by accident & since had best results switching the cold to hot temporarily for these type situations

read ir used for leak detection for leak found in an insulated wall

Thanks Barry

Thank you.

What BA said!

My thought is, if I turn the heat on this morning it could improve delta T.

Are you looking for the cold line or the hot? Just read the 1st post . Yes that would help.

I suspect cold.

Yes that would help. Do you have a moisture meter? And some pics of the area?

Tramex moisture meter. The one that does drywall, wood, and brick.

What makes you think its leaking?

Good tips above, check creep meter at curb. If moving, I’ll shut down WH inlet, then irrigation etc to try to isolate which side of supply piping. Only then and sometimes will a scan pick up the approximate where it is… I’ve tend to found more of general areas, where water is leaking from or near a stem wall etc. And even then, they’ve turned out to be leaking waste connections in wall or something else altogether. At end of day, a plumber and a hydrophobic(?) probe may be needed for an X marks the spot for some of them.

If you find it, get yer Mapp gas and silver solder ready (if fixable). :smiley:

edit -

Remembered i had found a meter moving a bit the other day, and tile floor in laundry area was warm, but vacant home… gives a place to start. RH was only slightly elevated.

Definitely try isolating first. Start ruling things out. Turn off toilets, sprinklers, then turn off hot water tank.

How does this serve a purpose when looking for a leak beneath the slab with an IR camera. Me thinks you are confused

Through isolation and experience I’ve determined my moisture is ground water. On another note, I coincidentally was called out to a house the other day to investigate the same issue. The subject property was a small guest house/cottage on a larger estate in Rancho Santa Fe. The water has been off for weeks while the contractor was trying to determine the problem. When I arrived a 9am the windows were all open and it was very cool in the house. So not much Delta T. The issue was with the wood floors installed on SOG. They pulled up a small section to expose the concrete. I checked the concrete with the Tramex. It was 28%. I checked the wood in several areas of the room. It ranged from 27 to+30%. I walked around the outside to check the grading and conditions. There is a slope in the rear of the home that looks like the owner waters excessively. The ground was saturated, and all of the grade ran directly to the house.
So I told the contractor what I thought the problem was. He said he suspected the same thing. Duh. Really didn’t need a camera to figure this one out.
I’m taking the ITC course in a couple weeks to get Certified for Level I IR. This looks like the direction I want to go. $300 for a 45 minute “consultation” works for me.
I have SanDiegoThermalinspection.com, SanDiegoThermal.com, and SDthermal.com tied up, and it’s bringing referrals.

Good job Frank, glad to hear your home is alright also.

I’m going to install a French drain to divert the ground water. Same thing that I recommended to the contractor in Rancho Santa Fe.