Post-K&T wiring

Shortly after WWII, K&T was replaced by what some called cloth or paper covered copper wiring.

  1. What is the actual name for this?
  2. When it ages, the covering insulation, both cloth and paper becomes brittle and disintegrates. Most H.I.'s know this. How would you report this to your client, explaining the dangers and problem area’s?
  3. Or is this beyond the SOP?

I was reading a C&D HI report today and there is no mention at all of the possible hazars with this type of wiring. The report uses ASHI and CAHPI standards, but seems to be lacking.
I am asking this for a client for whom I renovating a bathroom and other area’s for.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Brian Jones

Duplicate thread. Responses posted here:

Great PDF, Thanks Joe!