Powerful RETROTEC Q5E Bower door

The door is the RETROTEC Q5E package , it can do 8300CFM @50pa which makes it very nice to have if you run across some of the leaky, larger homes, you can still get to the -50pa with this door.

It is the complete package of DM-2 Pressure gauge/controller (the new kind with the nice bright display). Also included is the 3300 Series Calibrated Fan, Hard Panel door frame, all the manuals and accessories hoses, etc. along with the cases. To operate it, j[FONT=Calibri]ust type in “50” on the control panel and it will increases the fan speed until the house pressure reaches the required -50pa, and once at -50pa it holds it there by regulating the fan speed, no wasted time trying to adjust a knob, this thing does it automatically! It not only holds the set pressure, it calculates CFM@50, calculates EqLA, and EfLA and calculates ACH (Air changes per hour) showing it to you directly on the readout screen so you do not have to calculate it yourself. [/FONT]The door is in perfect condition.

Also, the DM-2 controller that comes with the door can be used to control with the Retrotec duct testing systems for testing duct leakage. Here is a product link.


Also for sale is a BACBARACH Fryrite insight combustion analyzer. This unit measures CO, O2, vent stack draft and calculates the efficiency of the system simultaneously! It is also can be used as a manometer for CAZ depressurization testing and for room to room pressure diagnostics in combination with the blower door. It is in perfect condition, Also, the sensors in this unit are field replaceable so when it is time for calibration you do not have to send it back to the factory. The sensors in it now are newly installed.

Her is a link to BACHARACH

Units are located in the N-NJ/NY area If interested, please call Wayne at 845-641-5482