Pre-Drywall Guidance

I’ve scoured the forum and have found plenty of opinions on what a pre-drywall inspection entails, and whether you need to memorize local codes, study the building plans, and so-on. I’d love to hear what people recommend for courses and materials to better prepare myself to start offering pre-drywall inspections, and get a better understanding of what all is inspected for.

I’m confident in my abilities as a home inspector, but I understand pre-drywall is a different beast and want to work towards preparing myself for them since I get the requests pretty often and generally refer them out

Thanks in advance.

Jon Bolton and Jeff Clair have an ongoing class going through all phases of construction which I think is at the 3rd class(?) pre slab. They have had many on pre-drywall.
I believe you can view previous classes.


Thanks, Dave!

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Follow up to this - does anyone have any pre-drywall sample reports that they would be willing to share?