Pressure treated wood

Any Reg. indicating that PT material can not be used for interiors, example:as a support post or carrying beam in a living room?


Manufacturer’s instructions rule…and then there’s lack of common sense for those who think they know it all…read the instructions!!! Why introduce chemicals into the interior air…there’s a healthy house movement around ( - a subsection of the American Lung Assoc) trying to get people to change to more benign interior finishes, materials.

True, but this is just a snowflake off the tip of the Iceberg. Just one more thing.


Maybe the question should be instead, why would they use such a crappy-looking piece of lumber?

Not that I know of, but it’s a safety issue becuase of the toxic chemicals in pressure-treated lumber, so it should be mentioned in the report. Much more of an issue in households with small children.

I think if I saw PT lumber used in the interior of the house I’d be very concerned as to the workmanship throughout. Obviously a homer special has been spending his weekends poorly. I would think there is a very different drying process for PT wood and as such shrinkage could cause a lot of problems especially when it is used for structural thoughts?

If pressure treated lumber is found inside a home, it doesn’t have to be removed. I believe pressure-treated lumber is safe once it’s covered with a heaping portion of oil-base primer followed by one or two more coats of your favorite colored oil-base finish.