Previously inspected house

My client closed and moved into the house I inspected over one year ago. All this time they have been in contact with me regarding small amounts of water coming into a north facing bump out window during a wind blown rain. I did not see any water staining on the inside at the inspection. I did recomend cleaning the organic debris from the roof, sealing around the windows and repair some loose siding on the north side of the house, which they did. The water still comes in and I can not find from where it is coming. The roof is greater that 10 years old and is the second roof on the dwelling and shows signs of early deterioration, but there is no signs of water staining in the attic. If you have any recomendations I could pass along I would be appreciative. Thank you.

I think it is time for a new window and make sure it is installed correctly. Even brand new properly installed windows have problems with wind blown rain if it is strong enough wind.

That would be what I would try if it were mine, unless it rarely happens and only during serious storms and does not really cause to much of a problem. If I had wood floors I would be pretty darn concerned.

That window (looks like a retrofit) is flush with the exterior wall above and has zero overhang protection with shake-style siding above (lots of vertical grooves and seams directly over the window). The way this window is configured makes it particularly vulnerable to water penetration. Unless the window was meticulously installed in accordance with standards (see ASTM E2112) and has really good flashing extending behind the siding at the head (I don’t see any), it’s almost guaranteed to leak.

Thats sure how it looks to me.

Thank you very much for the information. The client had the siding and windows sealed with caulk and spray foam about a year ago, but neaver thought the windows where not installed correctly years ago. I do belive the windows installed in the home are sub standard and not installed correctly. During my initial inspection the window in another part of the home had lost it’s seal. This should have been my first clue.
Thanks again.