PRO-LAB gives NACHI over $1 million dollars in free advertising. Thank you PRO-LAB.

PRO-LAB, the nations largest environmental laboratory ships kits and tools to inspectors by the thousands, every day. They are our industry’s largest shipper. The boxes they use have the PRO-LAB logo on two opposite sides of each box. I am thrilled to announce that their new boxes will have a NACHI ad on the other sides of each and every of the thousands of boxes it ships every day.

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Thank you PRO-LAB!

A huge thank-you Jamie.

Jamie - thanks for all you do for NACHI.

NACHI Certified Training is proud to have you as Co-Sponsor. All the very best to your company and we look forward to working with you at everyone of our 160 plus seminars between now and the end of June, 2007!