PRO-LAB just made the Convention way better than free!

Not to be out-done by the other exhibitors giving away free stuff at NACHI’s upcoming convention PRO-LAB announced today that above and beyond the free mold course (a $499.00 value) they are offering, PRO-LAB will also be giving each course attendee 10 free mold tests with analysis (an extra $250.00 value!!!)

Wow! Thank you PRO-LAB. The cost of NACHI’s entire convention is just $99 less hundreds of dollars worth of training and free stuff you’ll pick up, making the convention better than free.

That’s Great! How do I sign up for the free mould course ? Is there a form or is it first come first served at the convention.

Our 8 running classrooms are large enough to handle everyone who wants in. Just come. Feel free to move about too. We have the ability to literally move walls if we need more space.

Despite of all the free stuff and discounted fee for this convention, the fact of the matter is the our convention this year is in CANADA. Passport is required + long flight, and extra expenses. Lesson learn, you were told last year at the Orlando convention to keep the next convention in Florida (No discount fee required). I just hope that we can make this convention a success. I have asked many of our colleagues if they are attending the convention and all I hear are excuses: No way, is to far away, $$$$$$$$$$.

So my recommendation is, next year pick a more centralized place! There are more members in… Florida, keep it close to us.

Good luck Nick! Our fellow inspectors in Canada deserve the best of the luck. We are very happy to have you as our fellow members. Go Canada Go! Next time come a visit us. We love to have you. Inspected Once, Inspected Right. Keep the cost of the inspection high, we are the best inspectors in our Universe…

Regards to all! Have a happy convention I will miss this one.


You make it sound like Toronto is across the Atlantic!!

Hello John,
I can appreciate your comments, however I am very glad to see something being held in Canada. I hope you take this comment in the spirit it is intended. Please forgive me if I say don’t be so selfish!!! There are places to hold conferences other than Florida. To all of the NACHI Conference attendees, I extend a warm welcome to all of you who attend the Toronto Convention.

Cheers and Happy Travels to that farrrrrrrr away country of CANADA!

Daryl Bishop
Quispamsis, New Brunswick

Toronto is a big city and we have hundreds of members just in that one city. Also, you do not need a passport to drive across the border, only a driver’s license. I have a passport and could fly to Toronto, but I’m flying to Buffalo and driving. Only 1 hour 50 minutes from Buffalo, NY. No passport needed.

There are no extra expenses. Even flying from the most SW sections of the U.S., all the education, freebies, and $99 entrance fee makes it a better deal than walking across the street in comparison to most other conventions.