Pro lab mold test kit

Complete ProLab Mold Sampling Kit in carrying case. Used very little. All accessories included, along with a bunch of expired sample devices that can be used for learning/evaluation purposes. Great for use with the Z5 canisters.
Vacuum pump alone sells for $299 on Pro Lab site. See photos
READY TO SHIP FOR ONLY $175 + shipping.

I’m probably all sorts of late, but do you still have the mold sample kit?

If he doesn’t have it anymore, I have the same kit for sale. Mine has never been used, and is a backup of a backup now. Don’t need it anymore. Email me if interested.

Same price point? I am interested.

I’ll go $225 including shipping.

Perfect. Two questions. Does it come with the stand? I don’t remember. Second, how do I pay you? Please PM me.

Yes, has tripod and case. I’ll get it ready to go tomorrow. I’ll email details, thanks.

Ok. I appreciate it.