Professional Engineer as Home Inspector

I am working on starting a side home inspection business this year. I am also a registered Professional Engineer in my full-time job. My license is in the Civil - Construction Engineering sub-discipline. Can I market myself as a Professional Engineer or would that I be opening myself up to liability since I am not a registered Structural Engineer? Thanks in advance for your advice!

An Aspiring Home Inspector

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Will you be providing engineering services?

If not, I think it is fine to list it as an education credential.

I think you should be careful not to mislead.

No disrespect intended here, but…

The average person has no clue what-so-ever what a PE is. To be honest,neither do I. I had to Google it, and… I still have zero clue!!

No, I won’t be providing engineering services. Just basic home inspections. Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for your insight!

Been my experience JJ that Civil Engineers handle site work, highway/road projects, pipelines, and things of the sort. Maybe PE is to the engineering services industry what CPI/CMI is to the HI industry. At least that’s how the screenshot you provided appears. :wink: Maybe we should ask @bhull1 or @rmayo ?? What can it hurt?

@jvantland as Brian said,

Don’t mislead your clientele. There are many engineers in the Home Inspection business so that’s not a problem. If you want to offer engineering services, do it separately. I think it would go against Nachi COE to conduct such a service on a home you inspected.


Listing yourself as an engineer, working as a HI; you must follow HI Standards, have HI insurance, not entice your client in thinking they are getting engineer services. They are buying a Home Inspection.

HI SOP says you can comment on things outside HI SOP “if your qualified” to do so. Keep it at that. If you screw up, and you will at some point, you tend to be looked upon as “You Should Know Better”. May come back and bite you.

Keep things separate and out of your marketing material. Lawyers go over your marketing/web site with a fine tooth comb and twist things against you in a heartbeat.


I looked into getting a civil engineering degree in my younger days, but couldn’t make the financial aspect of it work for me. The cost was waaaaaaay to high then and can only imagine what it is today.

Definitely can’t be a slouch to get any engineering degree regardless. I have met and worked with quite a few over the years that were some very smart people.


Check with your employer first. Most engineering companies don’t allow their engineers to do work outside their employment. If they do they would not likely cover your E&O insurance, so be prepared to get your own separate insurance.


In my area licensed engineers typically use the PE designation regardless of the specialty


What you can and cannot do with your PE will vary from state to state. SOPs and HI laws, if any, vary as well. That’s where I would start.

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Um No, not even close.

There are far more requirements and education needed to become a Professional Engineer.

I was being a smart ass :roll_eyes::wink::crazy_face:

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Welcome tour forum, Josiah!..Enjoy participating. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Engineers are too technical, why in the world would you do home inspections when you’re an engineer be careful the client will expect a whole heck of a lot. I wouldn’t advertise the engineer part because it might turn off Realtor’s for referrals


Welcome to the home inspection profession. I am a mechanical engineer, not a structural engineer. so I do not offer engineering services but I let people know my background and education. When I see structural issues that need further analysis and recommendation, I refer to a couple great structural engineers (civil engineers) that I know here in town that do a great job.

My communication and contract with my customer make it clear that I’m hired to do a Home Inspection to state standards (we are licensed in TN). Plus any ancillary services they pay for such as mold, radon, water quality, etc. Engineering services are not on my menu.

I use my engineering background in my marketing. If I was a contractor or plumber or electrician prior to being a home inspector, I would market on that. Whatever RELEVANT prior experience we had previous to becoming a home inspector can be used in our current jobs. We have many great contributors on this forum from a variety of backgrounds.

Good luck with your home inspection business.


Each state has its own rules regarding the use of the PE designation. You should check with your state.

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This is great. Thanks for your insight!