Propane tank clearances

Is there a clearance requirement for propane tanks to crawlspace vents. That’s what a builder said today. I looked in the VA code and and my code check I don’t see anything.

Ah NVM. I found it. It’s for 500 gallon tanks though. I wasn’t looking there.

Hmm I did find this. It’s not the same as the one in the code check book.

I did find it in the VA code.

There was a crawlspace vent sealed off, so I asked the builder why he did that. He said the code guy made him put it there to meet the propane tank clearance.

Good info, I actually think mine is too close because the previous owner put on an addition right next to it with a crawl… hmm…

It says if the opening is well ventilated to the outdoors it’s ok. I’m not really sure what exactly that means.

Propane sinks so they probably mean if the crawl is well ventilated, or perhaps they mean the space in front of the vent. Otherwise a pool of propane gas could build up and eventually ignite in the crawl if the conditions were right.

I meant I am not sure what would be defined as well ventilated to the outdoors. The code guy didn’t think the crawlspace qualifies. Ill go with what he said.