Pros and cons of offering home warranties with inspections

Any ideas for or against offering warranties with inspection?

Are you a Home Inspector or an Insurance Agent??

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It isn’t needed to make a great living…Nope!
It would be better if you concentrated on giving a great report and not a bunch of BS .
As opposed to dealing with stupid crap tagged to your report…Yep!


Also consider that many agents also sell Home Warranty policies, so, in effect you are taking out of their pockets. Now, seeing as most inspectors are beholden to Realtors for work, (not me), just how do you think that is going to go over with them?

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Agreed…Yes Sir. :+1:t3:

Most agree that it’s not a good idea.

I thought you were in love with the warranties your buddy NT has to offer?:wink:

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Most of these so-called warranties exclude more than they cover. Just a waste of time IMHO



I’m sorry Brother Frank…Really!
The devil made me do it! Uh Huh!

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