Pushmatic panel orientation

The 1984 NEC states that breakers that operate vertically must be oriented so that they are on in the up position and off in the down position. (240-81)Pushmatic panels have no such “up / down” functions. Does it matter how they are mounted? I found one today upside down.


If you mount the panel on the ceiling, when you push “up”
the breaker will be “on”

Of course if you mount it on the floor - down will be on.

Then again if you live in Australia…

If the bottom circuit breaker is labeled as the “MAIN” and cannot be read I believe the the “panelboard” is up-side-down because the cabinet shows that the mounting hole is correct for the placement of a screw. I’ll bet that they did this because of the cable (is it an SE or SER?) was too short.

It is a defect and should be noted.


The bottom breaker was clearly labeled as “Main” - (it can’t be seen in the photo). The SE loops up from the meter mounted on the outside wall. Is the defect that the SE is too short or that the panelboard is upside down?

I am new here and still learning. I have a pushmatic panel in my home, and the individual breakers have a small window that shows either “on” or “off”. If the writing is upside down?

if it’s upside down then there is no “ON” and “OFF”, it’s “NO” and “LLO”.

Could you read the word “MAIN” or was is “NIVW”?

If the panelboard is up-side-down I was calling that a defect and David adds more, or we could all stand on our heads to be sure.

Aren’t the larger wires at the bottom the SEC’s, if so that is not a problem.

A close up may be helpful, do I see two neutrals under one terminal?