QOD 2/24/2006 Plumbing

Water lines

I will be curious to see the answer to this question.

None of those is completely correct for CA. But I get the point.

That is what I was thinking.

These are the kind of questions I had to “deal” with on my Contractor’s License exam…sigh

Who runs water lines through an attic?

I have seen re-pipes in attic…
I have seen fire suppression pipes in attic…
I have seen pipes from additions in attic…
I have seen homeowners run pipes to swamp coolers in attic…
I have seen homeowners run pipes to backyard sprinklers in attic…

Regional thing?

I can’t recall ever seeing any up there, up here :cool:

Around here, I always find PEX or PB running thru the attic space and it is NEVER insulated.
I don’t really see much copper or galvanized in the attic though. Hmmm, I never really thought much about it before. Interesting.:neutral:

Hi Joe,

Anyone building a house on slab, where else would you have to put them?

We’’ turn you into a HI yet :mrgreen:



? we have many on slabs up here…

It seems the plumbers use stub ups and then run it all through the walls.

Todd ?? what is a stub ups ??

Thats were you see all the plumbing and electrical conduit poking out of the slab before they put the walls in.

Hi Guys, yes I know, but especially with re-plumb jobs you will find them in the attic spaces, also many contractors prefer to bring just the supply up through the slab and then plumb the service within the home.



Damn, this last report seems to be takeing longer than I expected.:wink:

Air is an insulator right?

It seems to work well in AZ;-)

This message board must be well insulated in some areas…

I always run across it when they have repiped the house. In most cases they are never secured properly.