QOD Ducts and Fire Walls 3-30-12

Are ducts allowed through fire resistant walls?

From http://www.cement.org/masonry/pp_fire_walls.asp

Fire resistance is the ability of a material or an assembly to withstand fire or give protection from it.
Walls may be required to provide a barrier to the spread of fire or perform structurally when exposed to fire, or both.
Model codes reference the ability of a material or assembly to maintain its particular fire-resistant properties as its fire resistance rating, expressed in hours.
Fire-resistance ratings have traditionally been determined by standardized fire testing performed in accordance with ASTM E119, Standard Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials.
However, due to the wealth of data that has been compiled through years of ASTM E119 testing, codes today recognize analytical methods for determining fire resistance ratings.


The answer is C

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