QOD for 04/11/2006

Hi to all,

why would anyone have an issue with a web page available in the public domain with both a save and print function on it??



EXACTLY…I tell you why…because BOOK NERDS know nothing about working electricity in the REAL WORLD so they complain and cry and whine to get posts removed…

I tell you…the NEXT post of mine that is removed because an old man does not like it…Can KISS my butt goodbye from helping NACHI at all…

Amazing…Truly Amazing the level some will drop…


Some how I have lost the objective – I thought we were on the same page

Have I posted something that you think is out of line.? I agree that the building inspector is god and if he wants 3 ground rods hey lets pound them in. Where I am still thinking is on older homes and I am still thinking.

Gerrys posting about DC or AC testing of ground resistance or impedance is another subject.

My posting on another thread is more related to your own home as a weekend home owner trying to make your home a safe place to live

Install or repair your ground system

Hay if I said something wrong I am sorry – and if your can’t take the apologize then KMA$$

Do we understand each other??

I really would like to keep this to fact and not to emotion

Am I on the same page that you are on or should I be on a different thread???

BTW I thank your again to the test equipment link – I think is is better than a SURETEST


lol…NOOOOOO…not you Richard…

I posted a interesting article for you…JUST for you and SOMEONE …I wont call names cried and complained to NACHI to have it removed because of copyright fears…BUT it was NOTHING to fear…hell anyone could download it…

lol…I dont want to kiss you A$$ fella…if I dont like something you say TRUST me I will tell ya…lol…had nothing to do with you…lol

10-4 Paul

Have a good day I understand

Thanks for the PM – It made my day


What is scary…is even though HI’s dont test it…should know it when looking at the grounding system…and over 40% got this one wrong…OUCH…

Ok…guys come to OHIO…thehehehehe…WE gonna learn some stuff…and Git Er Done…:slight_smile:

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Hey Paul

Who complained? Probably was someone from Arizona or California?

I post most of my articles from EC&M and no one has a problem with that so far why here are a few:

NACHI electrical trainer’s latest articles.

NACHI electrical trainer Joe Tedesco has written some great articles. Enjoy:


About NACHI’s Joe Tedesco.

Thanks Joe!


I sometimes answer wrong to see if I can suck someone in that views the poll before voting. OOOPS, did I say that?


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lol…leave it to a Virginia Guy to do that…lol

—old indian trick—


I hear ya Kemo Sabi…heck I cant spell tanto language