QOD for 1/9/2006

Hi to all,

this question has definately caused a wide spread of answers, so here is the expaination.

Aluminum wiring: commonly found in MH from 1964-1975
Polybutelyne plumbing: commonly found in MH fom mid 1960-current
Drywall: not normally used in MH until the late 1990’s, paneling was the norm
Plywood flooring: was and is the most common floor material for MH

So the correct answer is:




Does it depend on which state the MH was manufactured for?

El Cajon is manufactured home city here, and probably 25% of my inspections are MH. I have yet to see aluminum wiring or polybutylene wiring in any of them (I’m presuming that your “Polybutelyne” is simply a misspelled “Polybutylene.”) in my 4½ years. And PB is commonly found from 1960-current? Meaning 2006? Really? I thought they quit manufacturing it about a decade ago.