Question about an inspector's report with someone else's name?

[FONT=NewCaledonia-Italic][size=2][FONT=NewCaledonia-Italic][size=2][FONT=NewCaledonia-Italic][size=2]§ A person who is not registered as a home inspector, may assist a
registered home inspector in the performance of an inspection provided
that the person is supervised at the inspection site by a registered home
inspector and any home inspection report rendered in connection with
the home inspection is reviewed and signed by the registered home in-

This is not, however, what you described in your post.

The licensed inspector only needs to do a “drive-by”. Law language is very vague. “Yep, I have seen the home. Now you inspect it, and I will look and sign the report later” or “I drove by the home the other day. I will sign the report in a couple of days”.

I think that any inspectors involved in the scheme that you described would be in serious trouble when they were eventually turned in by a competitor.

Gary -

JB is correct. YOU need to step back and think this through old boy. Our law was sit up as it is because of reasons like the engineering laws / or apprenticeship rules (many guys on this Board, myself included do inspections for engineers such as on mobile home tie-downs and take pictures, measurements, etc and give to the engineer - IF they’re comfortable with what they see, they write report and stamp it).

Master licensed HVAC on job supervising apprentices that aren’t.

In the 5-day meetings with the Kansas Senators, 1 thing of concern to them and many semi-rural OR rural inspectors was the FACT that 90% or more of ALL of the Kansas Home Inspectors were well over 40 yrs of age AND 1 man businesses. They had multiple cases they reviewed of 45-50-55 year old inspectors having strokes, falls or other accidents or illnesses that rendered them UNABLE to FULLY perform a home inspection for 2-4 months or more by themselves. In the middle of the BUSY summer, etc they would be UNABLE to hire another inspector to help keep their business afloat. SO by the time they were able to go again, THEIR business was down the drain / Out the door - GONE. As YOU very well know in the current ECONOMIC climate by us that is very likely.

BUT they could very likely HIRE another trades person OR even competent nephew to go with them AND do the stuff they could NOT do (with on-site supervision and licensed inspector signing off and taking FISCAL responsibility).

In the KC area alone, in the past 2.5 years we’ve had 4 cases I’m aware of where something like this has happened to one of our inspectors. One of the guys in NKC fell getting off roof - broke ribs and leg (multiple breaks in leg). Another completed an inspection, walked to his truck and collapsed (had ruptured appendix - then got infection), another had quadruple bypass (down time 3 months). Each of these guys were able within a month to be on their feet and taking the assistant or helper with them for 2-3 months UNTIL able to go back to work by themselves. Without that clause these guys and their 4-9 year home inspection business would most likely be down the tubes AND financially they could be …

Gary - That clause is one of the FEW good things the Kansas Law has in it

I will not mention any names, but there are a couple of “inspection” companies that are doing this. Some home buyers are not getting a licensed home inspector to inspect the home they may purchase. Some unlicensed, uninsured person will “inspect” the home, take some pictures, report back to their office, where the report will be made, and signed by a licensed inspector. Even some HVAC guy or repair person will check the home, and report back to the office, where again the report is made.

“I saw the pictures of the home on the internet, and drove by the home yesterday and this morning. I saw that you where there doing your job. I had a phone call, so I stayed in my truck and had to leave. Nice home”.

Sad that agents and office brokers are not policing this themselves, when it is their associations that wrote and pushed these laws into play.

It is what they wanted, and got.

Mike -

  1. In your posts you discuss several issues you were unhappy with, none of which mention anything of significance that the inspector missed. All the issues you had were about age, issues in report (like inspectors name being left off, etc). Could you fill us in on the SIGNIFICANT problems you’ve had with the home.

  2. Age - over 50. As a National Trainer for all 3 National Home Inspection Associations I can reassure you the vast majority of home inspectors in the USA are over 45. Many come from 20 years or so of construction related jobs or trades. Seldom does a young person have the training or skills to do this type of job, unless in multi-man team with supervision. The best inspectors on this Board OR any group I’ve ever seen are usually those over 50.

  3. When you called a multi-man company did you ask for “Old Charley” or did you JUST assume …

  4. I’ve refunded money before, because a problem LATER surfaced that in looking at it I felt there a possibility we could have OR should have found it BUT in 35 years I personally have NEVER refunded $$$$$ to someone just because they weren’t happy with the way we wrote the report OR the way the job was done, etc.

Example - Customer complained the inspector did NOT climb roof and wanted $$$ back. I looked at report and saw 7 pictures of roof defects that require MAJOR REPAIR or REPLACEMENT of roofing by competent roofer (SEE pictures - No point at all in my guy climbing a tall roof when we already know a roofer is needed due to lots of damage). I politely listened to the man and suggested he sue us if he felt cheated. Everone has their own way of handling complaints / Valid I’ll listen - Dumb / no.

I think your guy sounded fair by refunding you money BECAUSE unless you had valid and SIGNIFICANT issues, most inspectors IMHO would not do that.

PA has a similar provision…

–A provision of an agreement of transfer regarding the right of the buyer to obtain a home inspection report and providing for the consequences, if any, to the parties based on the results of the report shall not be enforceable unless it requires SHALL PROVIDE that the home inspection be performed by a full member in good standing of a national home inspection association in accordance with the ethical standards and code of conduct or practice of that association.

A home inspection performed by a person who has not attained full membership in a national home inspection association satisfies the requirements of this subsection SECTION if the person is supervised by a full member in good standing of a national home inspection association who agrees to be responsible for the home inspection report by signing the report.

Gary -

Question - I’ve heard some inspectors call a roofing contractor for really steep and tall roofs to look at it AND give them pictures and its condition. The licensed inspector may then incorporate that into their report. The same could be done with a HVAC contractor, electrician, etc. That is totally legitimate. Is that what you’re saying

OR are you saying …

The inspection company sends out a roofer to inspect the whole house, the inspector NEVER goes to the house AND takes the other guys report PUTS it together AND calls it a home inspection report of his own OR ??

NEVER heard of that happening.

OR are you saying the Licensed Home Inspector sends out a ROOKIE to examine the house, then gets on the web looks at a picture of the house, and then sends out the rookies report with the licensed inspectors name on the report. I’ve never heard of that but I suppose its possible.

So if you’ve seen that write a complaint to the Kansas Board … Put your name and proof in there and file a complaint because thats NOT what the law was intended for NOR is it what the law says can be done.