Question for you plumbers

This is for my home.
I am adding a half bath in a bump out. I would like to avoid a VTR in the bump out as it is near some upper windows. The new toilet will be be physically in line with the old with a sink upstream from there.

Venting ideas?


Is there any reason you can’t put a vent line above and behind the added sink location that ties in top the existing vent?


I wondered where my pool vac hose went!!!

Jeff, Is that your attic? :shock: :wink:

Mike, the way the bump out will be attaching to the house, it would be very difficult to get the sink vent over to the existing vent. Especially since the main stack is encased in 6" of sprayed icynene. I may just have to add another stack - as far from the windows as I can get it. But it would be nice to avoid it.

Tim, does your state allow AAVs?

You could have an AAV at the sink if the new toilet is within the allowed distance(varies by jurisdiction) to the vertical stack.

If it’s legal in the IPC, it’s legal here. I’ve thought about the AAV. It’s in my bag of options. The new toilet might just make the 6’ distance to the vent.


If you get desperate…

Perfect, Bob. Thanks.



Did you mean venting or gaseous emissions control:shock::wink:

That’s funny. I liked in the instructions where it says to drill a hole in the wall to run the electrical to an outlet in an adjacent room… :slight_smile:

Seems to me that it would be inefficient due to leakage as there is no a s s gasket included. :shock::twisted:

I am wondering if this is real myself.
Power cord may be low voltage ,which makes through wall acceptable.
Think Doorbell and phone.

I would add a studor vent in the wall between in the wall between the two bathrooms located behind a access panel.

IMO, the AAV for the sink is your easiest solution

I’ve never had a studor. Are they reliable? Do they get noisy? Can they stand up to freezing when I close the house during the winter?