Question of The Week 3/11/18

Could be anyone! Even Nick…
I’ll betcha my Corvette I know who it will never be! .:mrgreen:

I can’t take it anymore!! Someone just do it before I go crazyer…:smiley:

Everybody who agrees that QOTW should be for QOTW, and other stuff should go to an appropriate thread - either INSPECTION RELATED or MEMBERS ONLY, say “AYE”.


Now that we’ve cleared that up, c’mon wit dat QOTW!!

Aye! Yep!

Wow I agree with Steve :lol:

Mr. Fetty !
You agreed with the gay far left…Yes you did.

Sorry, Roy. I was referring to something totally different and have no clue as to why this member is upset.
I remember the questions asked by a certain awards member being very hard and did not think they would attract enough participants.
Oh well. Guess that mellow thing is up for debate.:frowning:

You got all the answers. Great for you!:slight_smile:
I got all but one.

Get off my winning thread.

Better yet. I will not return.

I’m messin’ with you Brother Robert.
Please return next week …OK?

Let’s see if you are a liar again.
Good riddance!

Take it off the public side. Show some professionalism.