Question on a GFCI

I did a re-inspection on a home today. The ungrounded receptacles in the kitchen had been replaced with GFCIs. When I tested one of the receptacles with a plug in tester, the tester did not light up at all (the tester worked before and after testing this receptacle). When I pushed the test button, it tripped and when I pushed the reset button it reset. I used my non-contact tester and it lit up as soon as I got it near the receptacle indicating that there was power to the receptacle.

I have never seen a GFCI trip and reset without power so unless there is something new, the receptacle did indeed have power.

Anyone have an idea what would cause this?

The three light tester will not work with out a ground .the manufacture says to test GFCI use the button on the plug.

Do a NACHI search and you will find much info on these.

The tester will show power if there is either a ground or a neutral.

The tester will not trip a GFCI without a ground but it will still light up.

You could have a bad tester you said there was power .

Did you use a proper voltage tester to confirm power or no power .
Like a wiggie sq.d. has a good one

The tester worked before and after testing this receptacle. The 3 light tester is OK. I also didn’t pull the receptacle out of the box to do any testing on the wiring. I tested for power with a non-contact tester and it indicated that power was present as soon as it got near the receptacle.

I was asking for my own knowledge as I have not encountered this before. I could understand the problem being a disconnected neutral, but then I do not think the GFCI would reset.

I have not run into this some thing is strange .
I too carried the three light but also have other test equipment with me .

I carry a multimeter but very rarely use it. The only time recently that I used it was when my 3 light tester showed an open neutral. I thought the tester had a problem so I used the multimeter and, sure enough, the neutral was open. I then went to another room and found a light fixture with a 2 prong cord and showed the buyer that it would not work in the receptacle even though it had power.

I will normally not pull receptacles out of the wall (my own home, yes. on an inspection, no). I am not an electrician and if anything were to happen, even if not related, I would not be able to explain why I was taking apart an electrical receptacle. This was just a weird happening that I could not answer so I wanted to find if anyone had an explanation.

Good idea I agree you not pulling plugs .Just write it up as Receptacles need repair by qualified person.