Question when starting out

Just wondering if its realistic to get hired on with an established company when starting as opposed to working for yourself. I know I would have to sign a no compete clause. Did any of you start this way? I live in the Phoenix area so the market is big and there are some multi-inspector firms here

Any suggestions would be appreciated

I’m in your situation also and when speaking to a number of inspectors at the annual conf, was told this is a good way to start. One guy that appeared to be very knowledgable said he hires new inspectors (with no compete clause) in the hopes they’ll stay on with his small inspection company.

I’d recommend writing a resume and knocking on some doors.

Good Luck!


Hi guys, just wanted to wish you luck, and if gaining experience by working for someone else is the route you want to go, great, but just keep in mind that no compete thing. I am proof that this business can be started on a shoestring, without a major outlay of cash, not saying it hasn’t or still isn’t a struggle sometimes, but it has all been well worth it. It has helped alot that I was formerly a contractor and had some prior connections with a few realtors to get things going, cuz it is hard to break into realtors circles especially with other HI’s throwing money and free lunches and dinners around which is what is going on around here right now…I won’t do it , not only cuz I can’t afford it, but I want to earn success the hard way such as by merit. Not that I won’t buy a lunch or two after the fact in appreciation.