1500sf basement. Every piece of paneling was buckled due to excess moisture. Upon futher evaluation I found that plastic was installed over faced insulation. Home was 10 years old. Do you think two vapor barriors helped or hurt the situation?Outside wall is concrete block.No heat and only two windows that did not open.


No the plastic should be on the warm side of the home.
They do have a moisture concern .
How is the ground on the out side does it slope away from the home do the down spouts discharge 6 feet from the home .
I expect they also have a serious mould problem also .
I think a couple of Dehumidifiers running 24 /7s would have helped but now it looks like they have to start over.
Roy sr

How about a bigger picture

Appears to be moisture seeping into the foundation behind that paneling.

i clicked on the “thumbnail” and it only grew into a “toenail”. either way, the moisture barrier plastic could be holding to much moisture IN the basement. with (usualy) concrete floors, basements don’t “breath” well as it is, so adding plastic to a somewhat breathable craf paper facing on the insulation, may have caused the "greenhouse effect’’ in that the moisture can’t escape and gets absourbed into the wood. … but i could be wrong:cool:

More specifics on the construction of the basement wall components.


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I have to agree with you. Moisture is trapped in the walls. Ground does not slope towards house. No indications water has penetrated through.A contractor is going to remove the paneling to see what is going on. I’ll keep ya all posted.

The word terrarium comes to mind.