Questionable placement of gas line and vent termination for gas stove

This gas-fired stove vent termination and gas line routing appears to be installed improperly.

I think that the vent pipe should terminate above the roof based on the pitch of the roof, but I am uncertain.

Also, I believe that the gas line is too close to the vent where it goes through the thimble at the exterior wall.

Any thoughts on whether this installation violates modern standards or the manufacturer’s installation instructions would be much appreciated. It’s a Dovre Heatilator DV400 NAT.

dv400.pdf (1.8 MB)

See page 14

The instructions appear to base the vertical termination above the roof based on the pitch of the roof. At the same time, I’m not totally certain that this existing termination is improper.

Adam, scroll down to the gas vents here.

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I copy that the B vent should terminate above the roof. Thank you for your assistance, Larry and @dwigger

Now, I just need to find out if the gas line going through the thimble is acceptable or not.

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Adam, I think that is addressed on page 16 step 4.

Step 4 is kind of vague. On the other hand, I can be kind of vague in my reporting if there’s no modern building standard that says otherwise.

I just found out that direct vent wall furnaces such as this one must not have the exhaust pipe reduced from 7inches to a 4 inch B vent. Defect.

I would think so! :flushed:

Good eye,

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Keep in mind that the exhaust size is actually 4" on this direct vented heater. The vent pipe is basically a concentric vent, with the area around the internal 4" exhaust pipe being used as the combustion air intake.

I think what you have here is a half-assed attempt at a snorkel kit. Duravent makes a specific snorkel kit for use when a vertical extension is needed. It is referenced in the installation manual posted above.


Yes, that makes sense, even though I did not take apart the 7 inch pipe to confirm that. As the pipe is currently configured it might be missing an air intake, and the UL Listings of the products may have their warranties voided since they were not installed according to modern standards or the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

I could not blow up your pictures, but the arrow below points to the air intake. It should have also been extended vertically using the snorkel kit I referenced above. The kit extends both the exhaust and the intake.



And here is why the snorkel kit didn’t get installed…


I called out the external piping as an improper installation. It’s unclear to me whether the thimble-type component is configured with an air intake, even though it could be. In the report I didn’t say anything about the air intake.

Thank you for the help @ruecker ! I appreciate you!

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My pleasure. Just trying to help where I can and I learned a lot researching some of the things in this thread so it’s a win-win!

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