R Value of Packing Peanuts

Does anyone know the R value of Packing peanuts?

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They are expanded polystyrene and the R-Value in board form is 4 per inch.

Attic Ceiling Insulations Used in Home Building in the Seventies

  1. Expanded Polystyrene
  • Essentially a compressed sheet of “packing peanuts,” expanded polystyrene (EPS) offers the lowest R-value of foam insulation types. R-value refers to the relative heat transfer of a material; the lower the value the less the material prevents heat from escaping or infiltrating through the material. EPS is relatively inexpensive and builders often choose it for commercial structures. Although EPS is safe for residential insulation, direct contact, such as during installation, causes skin, eye and respiratory irritation in some individuals.



There was nothing compressed about these packing peanuts. They were just the same form as they would be when you opened them up in a shipping box. I don’t see how they would have much if any R value.

They would have been better off with wood shavings. ;):slight_smile:

This assumes that they are polystyrene and not corn starch, one leak and thier gone:D


Kenneth, you made my day today. Thanks for your post.

But you could store your glass wear safely lolol.

They do too Have R value because you can Return them back to the shipping boxes. LOL