Radiant ceiling heat insulation

hi, I’ve got a house that has radiant ceiling heat. Last year quite a large ice dam had built up and ripped the gutters off each side of the house. Although the constant change in winter weather played a role, Im sure the lack of insulation was also a factor. Is there a “best” way to insulate an attic with the radiant ceiling heat? I would like to just use blown in insulation. If possible am I able to blow the insulation in right on top of the ceiling heaters? Thank you in advance.


Are you talking electric ceiling heat or hot water?
If indeed you are talking about ceiling electrical panels you are not benefiting by using the electric radiant ceiling heat. You should disconnect the units and install wall hanging electric heaters, the price of electrical does not warrant keeping your ceiling warm period. You then can insulate your ceiling to more than R50 with no problems of ice dams or lost heat from the tranfer.