Radon Discharge

Should the radon discharge pipe extend above the roof line? Should all systems have man-o-meter gauge? What is this pipe I found in the attic, it is at least 75 ft away from the system?

Thanks, for your input.

Yes it needs to discharge above the roof line.

Yes it needs a visible indicating device for the home owner to observe that the blower is working and moving air.

The pipe may serve as a chase for cable and satellite dish wiring.
Where you able to find the other end?

The pipe in the attic that says radon mitigation, What’s that for?


Then it appears the builder provided a pipe between the attic and the lowest level that someone chose not to use.

It is a pre-piped connection in an attic (it appears) to hook up the fan to a pre-installed radon piping system.

They did not use it for this application. They put it outdoors instead.

EPA says 2" over the eave. Where is the nearest openable window?

Yes a manometer is required to determine if the fan is working.