Radon Masters WWYD

This is a question for all of you Radon Pros!

A Townhouse with a “basement” consisting of only a utility room about 20’x10’ with the furnace and water heater right in the middle of the room. Sump pump in one corner. No windows and one door coming in from the garage. The room also has fresh air intakes for make up air for furnace and water heater. The size/ layout of the “basement” doesn’t allow for much more than storage. With the size/layout of the room it also didn’t make for a very good test location to meet all of the radon testing protocol. Basically there is one spot in the whole room that met the clearance requirements/protocol for monitor placement. I hope you can visualize this room because the picture I have won’t help.

Anyways, would you consider this space “living space”? There is no way to make it a traditional "living space because of the afore mentioned reasons. The only problem is that the room will be regularly passed through because of the garage access into the home.

So, besides my question of would you consider it living space? Would you place the radon monitor in the one and only space it could possibly be in to meet all of the requirements of testing or would you test on the first floor?

Thanks for any input!

From what you’re describing I’d most likely setup monitor at living space above.

I agree

Not living space. That’s 3 strikes, set the monitor in the living space above.

Thank you all for the responses!

I would go that route as well…but we don’t have to many basements down here