Radon QA & QP for sun monitor

I have some questions for revising my QA & QP.

I would like to ask anyone that uses sun 1027 monitors especially in Ohio a few questions that the Ohio Dept of Health is requiring.

Have you checked with Sun Nuclear? I know that I try to help my customers jump through their state or national certification hoops (i.e., QA Plans, applications, documentation, protocol interpretation, and reporting) so maybe you should call Laura?

Also, I have found that most states will lend a hand when asked specific questions, but they may not hold your hand through the entire process, especially if you don’t ask. I have found the ODH Radon Program to be very helpful, maybe second only to Pennsylvania, in helping those that are trying to do everything the right way and offer good, clean radon services. But I will say that neither state reacts kindly to those who try to play games with the rules. I guess I can’t blame them since that is what puts food on their tables.

If you keep hitting roadblocks, send me a PM. I’ll be at a conference tomorrow through Sunday, but maybe I can help when I get back in town.

Shawn Price


I just went through all of my paperwork for Pennsylvania. what specific information are you looking for and I might have something that would be applicable.

I did contact Laura at Sun Nuclear and she is helping me with some of the requirments.

I could use a Working Level Month Exposure Form if someone has one.

I will send you a copy of my QAP for the 1027 when I get home later on tonight.

You are very kind.

Anyone a member of AARST and use the Sun 1027? I understand they have a templete for a QA/QP

You have mail David.