Radon test on my own house.

We are selling our home the home inspector did a radon test using a Radalink machine. It came in very high at 19.5 Pc Needless to say the buyer wants us to mitigate (bummer) I have only done a handful of radon tests for my clients & to tell you the truth can’t remember what they came in at but I know they weren’t this high. Has anyone had readings this high or what is the highest that has been reported. I am in central MN south of the Twin cities.

Highest we’ve ever had was in the 50’s. The average is somewhere around 8-12.

Just did one on a home in the country level came in at 22.7
One we did last week was 3.8

Usually average 3.0 to 6.5. but up to 24.0 or more is not unusual.

Good reading to give you a better understanding of what influences Radon in Minnesota…


I had a 130 here in the Granite State

Did one at the top of a granite mountain under high wind conditions - came in over 200.

Needless to say, this test does not conform to the EPA protocol and mitigation is not an option at this point…

David, why do you say that this test does not conform to the EPA protocol?

Maybe it would be best explained through the NACHI Radon Course.

I double checked and at 19.5 the EPA suggests to mitigate your home. They also Suggest all levels of radon can be mitigated.

David is claiming the test protocol was not followed.


I have no idea and he’s not saying.

I was curious also how he knows that, unless he was the one who performed the test.

Roy, we have also had some very nasty weather this last week that could have influenced the test. When was the test run? Did it coincide with the bad weather? Your post was on the 4th… and I believe the nasty stuff was on the 1st and 2nd? If so, I would require a retest due to atmospheric conditions.

BTW… where are you moving to (city)? Are you staying in the biz? Good luck to you.

Hi Jeffrey,
The test was performed from 5PM on 4/30 & concluded 4PM on 5/2.
Why are you saying retest? I actually ordered some canisters this morning to do my own just to see the difference.
Don’t know what city yet. Could be Elko, Lakeville,Burnsville etc. South of the river suburbs. Yes I am staying in the business but it has been slow for me.

The severe storms we had during that timeframe most likely affected the readings. Did the results have a printout of the hourly readings, or just a “final determination” reading? If hourly readings, you will usually see a spike during the storms we had. Most likely your results will be lower. A good Radon tester will check the weather forecast for the time period of the testing, and adjust if necessary/possible. Perhaps that is what David is referring to. He may have looked at the weather history and saw the potential issues.

His report has hourly readings& yes they do jump all over the place, although I am not one to know how to read this report. I do my tests with canisters. Also just noticed that the last calibration was 7/12/2011. How often should his machine be calibrated? Its a Radalink

The short term protocol for real estate transactions stinks.

I do them but advise my clients that a longer term test is a better indicator of any real problem.

By short term are you referring to 48 hours?

Yes I am.