Radon testing... Truth vs. Myth

The discussions are:

General Discussion on radon – occurrence and risk:
Radon: Truth vs. myth

And minor revisions to the famous literature review page:

Radon Risk and Cancer
Radon: Risk and Reality

Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist
Forensic Industrial Hygiene

Im looking into Radon. Never had any info to go on. Have any of you look at this information?



He has some very good points…



If you choose to perform radon measurement testing, get trained in following rafified and recognized protocols from your state or as sanctioned by the EPA.

If you were to follow the information offered in these articles, you would likely be viewed in a negative light, because perception is everything.

Bottom line is that if you dont perform the testing correctly, you can be liable. If you dismiss radon as nothing, YOU will be the one questioned, not the article’s author.

This aint about politics. Its about protecting you and your business.

Whether radon is a myth or not is secondary. The fact that radon testing is a part of our inspection packages, as driven by the MARKET, is enough evidence that it is something that we need to be educated in if we decide to offer the sevice.