Dear Sir:

Your expert advice is respectfully requested.

I am replacing a deck: the location for the deck is the southern coastline, basically a tropical climate with much hot sunshine! I had the lumber ordered,
specified that it would be Yellawood’s RainWood. However, the lumber
received is stamped with the following: KD19HT.

RainWood is advertised as having both a factory-applied preservative and
sealer…my reason for deciding on (special-ordering and paying-for)
this particular wood.

Now, I am totally confused. Not sure if RainWood and KD19HT are the same,
or not.

Thank you for any advice.

Marilyn Janus

You see, we treat RainWood® brand products with the same micronized copper preservative used to treat YellaWood® brand products but we take it a step further and apply a water repellent during the treatment process. That’s important because it assures the water repellent provides protection to all four sides of the board including those sides typically missed by a brush or spray-on repellent applied after installation. This gives you long-term performance and minimizes cracking, warping and twisting due to swelling and shrinking from weather cycles.