Realtor/Client Demanding estimates on the report

I had an unusual inspection fall in my lap on Saturday. Approximately 25’-30’ feet of fascia board is completely rotted, Evidence of past leaking noted in the attic space, Repairs noted on the roof, no determination can be made toward the quality of these repairs. Garage door, when I disconnected the trolley, door started dropping and was fairly heavy. Indicating springs need adjustment or replacement. Door was original to the home, 1997. No evidence of PB or plumbing remediation present.

I have no idea what a garage door spring adjustment would cost, I seem to recall $800 for springs and $250 for the callout, but that was prior to Covid. so no idea on present pricing.

Fascia was quoted for my mom’s house last year at $40/foot, but that was rolled in with the cost of a reroof. Is this a usual cost for fascia replacement?

The kicker in all of this is, this buyer, who is also a realtor requested estimates. So in response, I sent her an email with;

Below is a list of items needing attention at

Fascia replacements surrounding roof perimeter. = $40/foot, estimate 25-30 feet, Total approx. $1,200
Roof tile repair (Less then 10 tiles total) = $1,000
Garage door spring adjustment = $250
If springs need to be replaced = $800

The above prepared estimate should help somewhat prior to consulting a qualified contractor. Please take into consideration these are only estimates not actual quotes. Actual quotes from contractors may be different to a degree.

However, She stated, she has been a realtor in FL for a number of decades, she is demanding I include these estimates on my report. Went on to send me a home inspection on a family member’s home performed by a Licensed HI, with an MRSA and CRC license as well.

So to paraphrase. Does anyone have more accurate estimates I can present to my client, that if shit goes sideways, doesn’t put me in a legal bind. (Without me calling to schedule qualified contractors on my own…)
What is the general feel of not providing estimates, I understand as only a licensed HI in FL, I am not required to, however, I am trying to have a positive relationship with our fellow industry professionals.

Why subject yourself yourself to that liability? I would never do it.


“Not a problem. Here is my fee for researching estimates: $xxx.xx. Will that be cash or check?”


Realtor/Client Demanding estimates on the report

^^^^^^^^^^That is the best thing you said. ^^^^^^^^^^

Try to stay in your lane as a home inspector.

It will benefit you the most in the long run.


“I would love to help you with cost estimated but an accurate estimate comes from the contractor doing the actual work.”


**Please Note:
Repair Cost Estimates On Your Report Are Not Warranted:
If client desires repair cost estimates, a licensed contractor should be
contacted to prescribe repairs and provide scope of work bids.
Some repairs may require exhaustive trouble shooting including process of
elimination and/or water testing prior to determining repair cost.

Home inspector’s licensure requirements per Chapter 468 do not allow home inspectors to perform repairs on properties inspected and repair cost estimates are not required.



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