Recommend a PA DEP approved radon course

Anyone know of a good place to get the required training for radon testing?

I live in State College, PA.

Thanks in advance!

Wayne Gemmill
Office 800-846-9893

His Office / Training Facility is at the Spring Hill Airport in Sterling PA (Lake Wallenpaupak).
I have been at his training center many times over the last 10 years.

The PA DEP test is given monthly and rotates between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.

Many thanks. There is one in Williamsport the last week of this month, however, I am already enrolled in Fire Inspector II training at Bucks Co Community College.

Appreciate the info!

You will be better with Wayne than a Training Course
When the PA DEP requests your QA as part of your license application…

Will the training course help you and provide you with that?