Refigeration room problem

I have a client with a commercial refrigeration room. Above the ceiling in the room is an empty space approx 4’ high. One wall(cinder block) of this empty space has a boiler room on the other side. The boiler room is very warm at all times. There is condensation building up in the empty space, I suspect because of heat transfer through the concrete block wall. The condensation has been excessive enough to cause the insulated ceiling to get saturated and buckle. My question is:

Which side of the concrete block wall should be insulated? warm side or cold side? Comments please.

Temp always travels from warm to cold If it was mine I would insulate on the warm side prevent the temp from ever transferring into the block.

Insulation does not stop moisture infiltration.

Heat does not cause condensation.

The ceiling should be insulated.
There should be enough insulation so the exterior does not drop down below the dew point temp.
This will stop condensation.

Air infiltration (which contains the moisture) should be controlled if possible.